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Gary Van Haas is a graduate of UCLA School of Journalism, who married his Greek wife and has spent the last twenty years living in Greece working as an Associate Production Coordinator, Stunt director, and Production Advisor for films being made in Greece. He is also a published novelist and has been a feature travel writer for the International Herald Tribune, Time, Newsweek, Odyssey, and Travel Magazine.

Mr. Van Haas is the author of THE IKON, which is a lively Greek island thriller set on Mykonos, and has recently completed another sequel thriller to his ‘Garth Hanson’ action-adventure series titled, MALABAR RUN, set in Goa, India and also has a new book soon to be released called, IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT GREECE, which is said to be one of the most comprehensive and compelling travel-historical works completed to date.


The published novelist in Greece, Gary will eventually use his past film production experience and talented hand at directing, as Gary’s unique storytelling abilities give him special insight into the film making process.

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