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Frequently Asked


  • So, why would you want an ebook?"
    As you discover this new industry with your surfing over the Internet, you will discover ePublishers and eBookstores gradually growing in numbers. Take a look at what they offer and what they have to say about their authors and titles. Thousands upon thousands of authors write books yearly. Of those, a small percentage have the good fortune of being accepted by a publisher. This is not because they don't make the grade, but because of the vast numbers. The Internet is a wide open medium. Excellent, talented authors can take their books to the Net, market/promote and sell those books themselves. Others are coming to the growing epublishing houses and taking that route. It is guaranteed as you journey through the epublishing world, you are going to find outstanding, spell-binding, and top-class works, which are well worth the read.
  • What formats do we offer for the ebooks?
    We provide e-books in many formats, including Mobi (for Kindle) ebpub (for Nook and other e-readers) HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF, PDF for iphone; Palm (.pdb), MobiPocket (.prc), & Microsft reader (.lit). The product page for each books lists its formats, which may vary from book to book. Also we add formats as the technology changes.
  • What are ebooks?
    eBooks are electronic book, ones you read digitally on your computer, laptop screen or on devices called ebook readers.
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