Two bright young guys from LA struggle 'against all odds', to introduce the future of Music-Video TV to America.

The story centers around, Cabot Stone, a bold, young 24 year old innovator, who finds he's up against 'the powers that be', and much more than he bargained for, trying to convince an unscrupulous, tough-minded and conservative Record Industry he's bringing them the new wave of the future. Wild women, wheeling and dealing, and outrageous parties abound, as Cabot tries to start the first Music-TV Cable Network, some five years before the launch of what later would become MTV!

Cabot and his friend Chuck Fynn start their lofty endeavor by managing various Rock Bands in LA, but nightclub owners are not paying up, and basically 'using' the bands, having them set up for bogus auditions and playing for free. To break this trend, Cabot gets the idea to video tape his bands to show to club owners without having the bands set up, and it works like a charm! He then takes it one step further by setting up TV Monitors, with playback machines, in Records Stores throughout LA, proving it can sell Rock albums as never before. It's a huge success, and they're on a roll!

Big Record Companies suddenly take a keen interest in Music TV, and top record exec, V.P. Lou Sideler, befriends Cabot, 'picking his brain', using him to find out all about Music Videos, by keeping him updated on how things are progressing.

Needing investors, Cabot meets gorgeous Brit model, June Simms, who also turns out to be a classy UK call-girl. She invests and becomes his girlfriend. He also finds an 'angel' investor named Rick, and they start a company called Televak Music Video Corp., where they travel to Record Conventions, drawing great media attention. Then Cabot suddenly finds out his investor, Rick is a gangster, and was using his Music Video project to launder money. Rick gets busted, and they're back to square one! Undeterred, Cabot and Chuck come up with another idea, to organize a new Cable TV Network show called, "Music Video Television" with US Cable, where they won't need VCR equipment anymore, and are able to reach massive audiences in their homes, as well as in Record stores using their own Music TV Cable channel.

Back in LA, Cabot arrives at his office to discover all his video-tape masters have been stolen by Lou Sideler, who obviously had his own agenda. With no product and no money, Televak is out of business. Chuck, unable to deal with the pressure, takes an overdose of drugs, and Cabot with his dream shattered, gives up his Music TV idea….but the dream would not die… he would later come to realize…


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