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HEAVEN’S RAGE synopsis
Hip San Francisco artist, ‘Garth Hanson,’ takes off on another high-flying adventure to Phuket Island, Thailand where he encounters wild LGBTs, brutal murder, arcane mystery and political intrigue.



When the nocturnal monsoon rain receded, a magnificent orange sun rose benevolently over the vibrant city of Bangkok; its colorful backwater veined tributaries of “clongs” alive with flower sellers and market shops spread out in all directions. This resplendent region teeming with life was centered around the celebrated Chao Phraya River, a vibrant panorama lined with fishing boats and water taxis, where upon its verdant shorelines, fabulous golden Watt temples dot the hillside with towering cone-shaped spires jutting to the heavens. With morning came dawn, as a slow rising streak of peach sun light danced through the downtown skyline where tall buildings began glowing invitingly pink. As the sun rose further, the river sprang to life and the hustle and bustle of daily existence resumed; a fleet of River Express Boats began their daily schedule of picking up and landing passengers, moving them to and from ferry to pier, hurriedly giving passengers just enough time to leap off the boats to the docks, at times a perilous jump to safety.  Shouts echoed as hundreds of ferries, water taxis, and slow crawling heavy transport barges adeptly wove their way up and through the boat traffic cluttered river, in what can only be described as organized chaos. As evening finally descended over the city, the orange setting sun shimmered over the river,
stirring calm and tranquility within the soul. And by night fall, as the cool breezes swirled in, the Chao Phraya became alive again in another way; with fashionable bars, slick discos, and high- end restaurants in a city that never sleeps. The Chao Phraya riverside is the essential essence of Bangkok, encompassing all aspects of Thai culture, history, splendor and modern day way of life. For most people, the river is a way to escape Bangkok’s notorious clamor and road traffic. Express Boats run regularly up and down the river from 6 AM to 10 PM, moving passengers around, boats that have served the country for millennia; transporting people and produce from the Gulf of Thailand to the far south to Surat Thani and Singapore, all the way up to secondary rivers flowing to Myanmar and Laos.
The rivers and clongs of Thailand have a rich, reflective history, where on its sanguine shores
thousands of mysterious legends are told, most importantly by its gentle inhabitants who are a
simple, gracious, spiritual people, who for the most part are open-minded Buddhists.



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