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We'll Get thru this Crisis, too!

Good time for hunkering down and reading a good book, folks. I think my newest book called, THE TICKET might be of interest in these trying time where our humanity is tested. The story is about a top Wall Street Broker who had it all then suddenly loses everything, and ends up living on the unforgiving, 'mean-streets' of New York City. All goes wrong, until the day he meets a poor, but wise old black man who teaches him about survival and life,

which changes his life forever.

In uncertain very strange times like these, as we increase our social isolation to ‘flatten the curve’, books can provide a nice safe escape, relief for a time, and some comfort and companionship. Less comfortingly, though, are people reading frightening pandemic fiction books such as 'Pandemic' now seen as a TV series on Netflix, tells a story uncannily similar to today’s situation. And many such pandemic stories give a realistic chronological progression, from first signs through to the worst times, and the return of ‘normality’. They show us we’ve been through this before. We’ve survived.

We will survive too, of course. In the meantime, pick up a good books and start reading!

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