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Soon we'll see this Corona-Covid thing Like a Bad Dream!

Well, I've been hearing some good news lately that we may have reached the peak with Corona in some countries and I think one day soon we'll think of it all as a bad dream!

My god, was mother nature trying to show us something about our vulnerability as human beings? Because whether you were rich or poor didn't matter with this virus, no one was immune from a simple small disease that affected and covered the entire planet. Now it's time for a wake up call as to what went wrong in all our counties that might have prevented this dreadful situation and find ways from it ever happening again. Was it about greed of a few elites that caused this, and are we at fault as well for not reigning in these conscious-less few for giving them control over us as ordinary citizens to muck about and do whatever they wanted?

If you’ve noticed lately, there are very few real investigative journalists around these days, and we are not seeing normal unbiased news anymore, but malicious propaganda used by both ruling parties. Is it any wonder why the term “Fake News” has become the new norm? This term was born out of all the leaks, lies, and disinformation coming from all sides. What a joke.

Then we have the world’s biggest corporations taking over smaller companies in shady mergers, including most of our television networks and cable stations -- and all this is happening so fast, to the point of near 1984 Orwellian control! What happened to our Antitrust Laws? The laws were there to stop big companies and monopolies controlling markets. Those vital laws were there to protect us for good reason: Big companies tend to be greedy, and therefore limits need to be set. If our political leaders do not set limits then it is We the People who are at fault! Most of us have been born into a twisted world of corporate bondage our whole lives, and most of us can not escape. We have gradually succumbed this dire situation, bowed down to power, and grown comfortable living a life of slothful servitude. Somehow we have accepted this as normal by claiming we are just trying to survive.

Are you kidding me?!

The whole problem lies in big corporations bribing our politicians who run our government. When big banks and corporations are allowed to become too big to fail, they set the stage for the erosion of society and democracy. Corporations adhere to their own selfish directives, which are based simply on profit. They want to make more and more money, no matter what the cost. The other problem is most companies making millions and billions have suddenly become “untouchable” and sovereign after becoming a international money-making entity. Like Goya’s disturbing painting Saturn Devouring His Son, the corporate beast has become a horrific entity eating the public and its own workers. In their mad dash for wealth they are now destroying the earth and our environment by creating toxic waste, all approved by our corrupt, moral-less bribed politicians who pass pro-corporation legislation in Congress to protect their corporate friend’s financial interests. We all know lobbyists have no place in Congress, so why have we allowed this sham?

It seems governments today no longer work for their people and have simply become simply a convenient mechanism for fulfilling corporate agendas; Wars are waged in the name of "democracy" or for so-called “humanitarian” reasons. The real reason our politicians legitimize new wars is to make these conflict-torn areas available for big business to move in. In fact, it is called “resource exploitation;” where after each country’s infrastructure torn to pieces, its then time for rebuilding, which paves the way for new building contracts and opening up new expanding markets. Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins if you doubt me. It’s there in print from a man who did it for a living and watched it happening for forty years.

Today powerful multinational corporations bully their adversaries and political opponents until the point where democracy becomes a joke. Our political candidates, regardless of ideology and rhetoric seem to turn out to be exactly the same. This is attested to by author Gore Vidal, who lived amongst Washington society elites and the political class and frankly he said it best: “If only voters knew how most politicians detested their constituents!”

The sole goal of politicians today is to make millions and serve their corporate masters, while presenting the false illusion of being independent and offering people a choice. There is no choice -- They do not care about the voters and do their corporate sponsor’s bidding. The solution is to stop lobbyists and limit the size and power of corporations. There must be limits placed on a corporation’s size to stop price fixing and gaining monopolies over services and or products. This is why we had powerful Antitrust Laws from the 1890 to protect common citizens from gluttony at the top.

It wasn’t like this in America thirty to forty years ago, so what happened?

To me it’s quite clear: we have all succumbed to lethargy after being shamefully sold out by our politicians with no real oversight in Congress. Most of our elected leaders take bribes not only from corporation but from ‘special interest’ groups as well without the slightest moral regard. They take money from all sides, which contribute to more wars and increasing polluting our planet.

Our politicians and government leaders have also been joyfully sucking up to the military industrial complex since the 1950s. Was anybody listening when President Eisenhower warned us in 1960 against “the deviousness of military industrial complex?” We didn’t listen, and now our Congress passes absurd legislation for bigger and deadlier military weapons and black-ops budgets going into the trillions! When are we going to say enough is enough to these disgraceful people?

It has gotten so bad today that our politicians have passed new laws allowing the militarization our own local police forces in cities all over America! It’s time to ask what the hell this is all about, folks. Do they consider U.S. citizens the new enemy?

I was visiting Los Angeles recently and shocked to see all the homeless people on the street. Then I went to Washington, D.C. and saw the same appalling situation there. How can it be that descent, honest, American citizens, some who were veterans are begging, living in boxes on the streets? How can this be allowed in the Land of the Free with all our wealth and plenty? Our politicians and community leaders see the problem, but do absolutely nothing. What a disgrace it is to see what is happening to our fellow human beings. This should not be tolerated in America, the richest country in the world. At least some countries like England, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway have free medical and housing plans for underprivileged citizens. Why not in the U.S.A.?

Yes, the world has changed, but not for the good, but for the good of a few rich who seem to have lost their way in their insane pursuit of wealth and power. The so-called elites seem to view the average person as nothing but a lowly animal.

I think I might have some answers in a book I wrote about Wall Street greed and power called, "THE TICKET" and here are a few excerpts from that story. The book is available to buy on my web page to enjoy the full story...

About "THE TICKET" book -- The passionate, whimsical story of an arrogant Wall Street Broker’s fall from grace and transformation from wealth to abject poverty and despair, until one day he meets an enigmatic, black homeless man, who sets him on the path to knowledge and understanding in a reawakening that will change his life forever.

Story Excerpt:

Sample CHAPTER...

"Gerald drifted to the outskirts of town where a large stretch of buildings and trees partially hid him from human sight. He laid his weary body down on the ground in the middle of the one of the city’s trash dumps, found an old worn mattress, curled up into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest. Stirring fitfully from hunger, with lips cracked and bleeding, he fell in and out of consciousness, while lightning ripped across the darkening sky.

He had simply given up. He had never really hurt anyone, never asked for too much, and he had always been happy with what he had.

Thoughts circled in his head like hungry buzzards. Thoughts like “Give it up, you’re done for...” kept him company now, and occasionally Beth’s haunting voice, ‘You bum, you’ll never do anything in life!’, punctuated his morbid thoughts.

His mind swirled in fearful echoes that dizzied him, and his empty stomach churned as a heavy rain began to fall on his motionless body. Strong winds kicked up papers and trash, like spent confetti after a parade, but he’d now given up and made no effort to shelter himself from the storm; He had lost all desire to live, and so turned his face upward to welcome his demise in a cold wet, watery deluge from the heavens.

In a loud voice, he shouted to the menacing sky, “Do what you want with me, God...I can’t take it anymore!”

The clouds thundered and lightning streaked through the dismal sky above him. The last thing he remembered was a strange, almost rectangular burst of greenish lightning lit the sky like neon. Then his world went black...

Oddly enough, he slept peacefully that night after pulling a piece of plastic sheeting over him, and his dreams were good ones. He opened his eyes momentarily with the gentle rising sun and peach-colored dawn. He savored the warmth, and as he sat up he found he was clutching a small piece of a paper, what appeared to be a ticket, about the size of a business card in his hand.

Though plain and quite unremarkable, he gripped it tightly and had a feeling he ought to hang on to it for some reason. He held it up to his scruffy bearded face, squinting at it with swollen eyes, examining it more closely, and thought he saw a greenish light flicker across it like an electrical charge.

“Christ, can it be? It looks like the same ticket I threw in the trash at my office... If it is, it’s a billion to one shot!”

He shook his head curiously, and blinked his weary eyes to look again as he sucked in a breath over his parched, cracked lips. Halfheartedly, he was convinced he was seeing things.

He rose from the ground, and with hunger his mentor, began to gather his wits, stumbling about, wondering which way to go.

He shoved the ticket in his pocket and slowly made it up the hill for the busy roadside where trucks and cars zoomed by. Once there he expected to be yelled or honked at, but strangely enough no comments issued forth from the people or their speeding vehicles.

Curiously, he felt some strength coming back into his emaciated body, and headed for a convenience store down road, figuring that if any place, that was where he would not be turned away. Some of the change he had managed to save clinked in his pocket as he mumbled incoherently to himself.

Arriving at the store, he asked the clerk for a cup of coffee and one of the dried-out Saran-wrapped sandwiches behind the glass counter.

“That’ll be three fifty-five, sir,” said the skinny, greasy-haired, pock-marked faced young clerk, poking his index finger at the digital keys on the register. No one had called him ‘sir’ in a long time.

Gerald stared at the reddish glow of $3.55 that came up on the register display and dropped a handful of change on the counter, his hands trembling. He knew he probably didn’t have enough to cover his purchase, and was wondering how he’d fill his belly, if the kid didn’t go for it. He stared down gloomily at the floor, awaiting the inevitable...

“Hey, man, I don’t need this,” said the clerk.

Gerald’s face turned red from embarrassment. Paying with pennies and nickels was often frowned upon, and he knew it all to well from being on the streets so long.

Then the clerk said, “Can’t you count, Mister? All I need is this...”

He was ready to be booted out, then heard the guy say, “This is way too much, man.”

Gerald looked up shocked, not certain he heard him right. “Too much..?!”

It was not what he was used to hearing in his current economic condition. He peered down shyly at the money on the counter, saw assorted coins, mostly pennies, and, from god knows where, three slightly crumpled $20 bills!

In stunned silence, he grabbed the extra money on the counter, thinking the kid must of made a mistake. He collected his change, and left the store in a hurry with his hot coffee and sandwich. Before exiting the door, he remembered to say “thank you,” trying to justify himself, whatever the reason for the extra cash.

Then outside the door it dawned on him.

“I get it now, must’a been some good Samaritan who stuffed it into my pocket while I was asleep,” he reasoned, accepting his good fortune without further scrutiny, afraid he might jinx something. The only other conclusion was, he must still be dreaming!


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