Soon we'll see this Corona-Covid thing Like a Bad Dream!

Well, I've been hearing some good news lately that we may have reached the peak with Corona in some countries and I think one day soon we'll think of it all as a bad dream!

My god, was mother nature trying to show us something about our vulnerability as human beings? Because whether you were rich or poor didn't matter with this virus, no one was immune from a simple small disease that affected and covered the entire planet. Now it's time for a wake up call as to what went wrong in all our counties that might have prevented this dreadful situation and find ways from it ever happening again. Was it about greed of a few elites that caused this, and are we at fault as well for not reigning in these conscious-less few for giving them control over us as ordinary citizens to muck about and do whatever they wanted?

If you’ve noticed lately, there are very few real investigative journalists around these days, and we are not seeing normal unbiased news anymore, but malicious propaganda used by both ruling parties. Is it any wonder why the term “Fake News” has become the new norm? This term was born out of all the leaks, lies, and disinformation coming from all sides. What a joke.

Then we have the world’s biggest corporations taking over smaller companies in shady mergers, including most of our television networks and cable stations -- and all this is happening so fast, to the point of near 1984 Orwellian control! What happened to our Antitrust Laws? The laws were there to stop big companies and monopolies controlling markets. Those vital laws were there to protect us for good reason: Big companies tend to be greedy, and therefore limits need to be set. If our political leaders do not set limits then it is We the People who are at fault! Most of us have been born into a twisted world of corporate bondage our whole lives, and most of us can not escape. We have gradually succumbed this dire situation, bowed down to power, and grown comfortable living a life of slothful servitude. Somehow we have accepted this as normal by claiming we are just trying to survive.

Are you kidding me?!

The whole problem lies in big corporations bribing our politicians who run our government. When big banks and corporations are allowed to become too big to fail, they set the stage for the erosion of society and democracy. Corporations adhere to their own selfish directives, which are based simply on profit. They want to make more and more money, no matter what the cost. The other problem is most companies making millions and billions have suddenly become “untouchable” and sovereign after becoming a international money-making entity. Like Goya’s disturbing painting Saturn Devouring His Son, the corporate beast has become a horrific entity eating the public and its own workers. In their mad dash for wealth they are now destroying the earth and our environment by creating toxic waste, all approved by our corrupt, moral-less bribed politicians who pass pro-corporation legislation in Congress to protect their corporate friend’s financial interests. We all know lobbyists have no place in Congress, so why have we allowed this sham?

It seems governments today no longer work for their people and have simply become simply a convenient mechanism for fulfilling corporate agendas; Wars are waged in the name of "democracy" or for so-called “humanitarian” reasons. The real reason our politicians legitimize new wars is to make these conflict-torn areas available for big business to move in. In fact, it is called “resource exploitation;” where after each country’s infrastructure torn to pieces, its then time for rebuilding, which paves the way for new building contracts and opening up new expanding markets. Re