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Life in Greece in the Time of Corona!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Big changes here in Greece, social distancing has finally been implemented here too with most regular shops closed, but we can still go out and do necessary shopping etc. But no more gathering in groups of over 2 people now enforced by the Greek police. Our quaint little harbor on Aegina Island is a ghost town. An official “Lock down” started Monday at 6 am. I occasionally hear a ball bouncing as a lone kid passes the windows on my quiet street, and a few people visit the local beach at times, but most are staying indoors, neighbors seem invisible, and even the dogs are making less noise. At least I still hear the birds singing when I exercising outside walking or bicycling around the port. I stop to feed the birds old bread. The birds & street cats have to eat too & have no food source now that all the tourists are gone.

Supermarket shelves have generally been well stocked, although alcohol and wipes are not always available. Clerks wear gloves at the checkout counters, sometimes spraying them down with disinfectant. Some nervous shoppers are stocking up on canned food items while wearing high-priced masks that had been missing from pharmacies before a recent shipment replenished the stock.

It's sad about all the laid off tour guides with their broken tourist industry. The eternal Greek fisherman is still going out fishing even though the Aegina fish market is closed, as well as all ancient archaeological sites in Greece closed, and most hotel & restaurant workers wonder if they will be able to pay their rent. Let's hope landlords will give them a break. Boredom and uncertainty are common: What’s next? Experts are working on a cure for Corona, but the same lingering question remains - How long?

So glad I went to Thailand in January before this virus madness hit, lucky for that... and funny enough it looks like Thailand ended up so far having the least virus cases in the world!

In the meantime guys, keep the faith, take care of yourselves & loved ones & stay healthy & safe!

Warm regards,


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