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Check out My MTV! book

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I want to thank my friends and viewers for the support also want to say I have a couple of books to movie deals going with film producers in LA, Vancouver, Canada and London that I'm getting pretty excited about. The best film project my Producers have is called "My MTV!" about the early days of MTV! I was working behind the scenes in, before it finally launched worldwide in 1981. In 1974 to 1978 I was Vice President of Marketing of a company called Televak Music Video Corporation that made some of the first rock videos to be shown on TV and in Tower Record stores all over California and in New York at Sam Goody's and more. We had a blast in those days because we were all hands on filming bands working with top tier rockers like; Huey Lewis and the News, Jefferson Starship, Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Jimmy Cliff ('Harder they Come') and many more great rock bands.

I even wrote a book about it and its in my book site where it tells about all the resistance we came up with from the Record Companies who actually thought music-videos would never take off because they said: "Some of their bands looked bad and would never sell albums!!" -- Can you believe it? Ha..!

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